Four Unique Ways To Use A Carport On Your Property

A carport can make a versatile addition to your property. Depending on where you place it and how you use it, you can create a stunning addition to your home or yard. Here are some options to consider as you start looking at carports for sale: Patio Cover You don't have to use your carport for your car at all. In fact, if you connect a carport to the patio side of your home, you can create a structure that shields you and your guests from the sun and rain.

7 Fun And Creative Ways To Use Your Storage Unit

Most people think of storage units as a place to keep items when moving or downsizing, or when getting your home staged to sell. But they actually have so many other uses that you may not be aware of. Whether you're looking to start a new hobby or you need a place to jam with your buddies, here are seven unique but useful ways to occupy a storage unit. Office Space

The Proper Steps For Storing Your Car While You Are Away At College

If you are flying across the country to attend the college of your dreams, then you will need to store your car while you are gone. While you may be tempted to drive your car into your parent's garage and leave it there until you return, this is not a good idea. In order to safely store your vehicle while you are gone, you need to take certain car storage steps, including:

Building A Bigger Shed? Rent A Storage Unit Until The Project Is Finished

Combining the storage capacity of your house, garage, and storage shed may have been enough to keep you from renting a storage unit. But, your list of possessions may continue to grow and the easiest feature to change on your property is the storage shed. While you are in the process of upgrading to a larger storage shed, you will need a place for your belongings to go. A great choice is to rent a storage unit and put all your items inside until the project is finished.

Seven Suggestions, Strategies, And Solutions To Make Your Storage Unit Smell Better

If you have a storage unit, you know how musty and smelly they can become. Sometimes it is a moisture issue, but others it is simply a lingering odor that is off-putting. Whatever you have going on, freshen-up your storage unit and prevent your stuff from getting stinky. Seven strategies and suggestions to make your storage unit smell a lot better are: 1.The source. The most effective way to permanently solve your odor problem is to find the source of the issue.