Seven Suggestions, Strategies, And Solutions To Make Your Storage Unit Smell Better

If you have a storage unit, you know how musty and smelly they can become. Sometimes it is a moisture issue, but others it is simply a lingering odor that is off-putting. Whatever you have going on, freshen-up your storage unit and prevent your stuff from getting stinky.

Seven strategies and suggestions to make your storage unit smell a lot better are:

1.The source. The most effective way to permanently solve your odor problem is to find the source of the issue. It could be that something became wet and mildewed, or perhaps something has spoiled. If it possible, remove all of your belongings from the unit and replace carefully, looking through your things to find the smell.

2.Vinegar. Get rid of the odor by placing shallow dishes of vinegar in the corners of the unit, where they won't get spilled. If you are turned-off by the smell of vinegar, add a couple drops of essential oil to each dish.

3.Peppermint. The benefits of peppermint oil are two-fold: first, it masks smells, and second, it deters rodents. Saturate cotton-balls or pads with peppermint oil or extract, and leave in the corners of your storage unit.

4.Cedar chips. Cedar chips offer a fresh, familiar scent that can usually help eradicate any unpleasant scents that could linger in your unit. Sprinkle them around the perimeter of the unit, and prevent moths from getting in and potentially damaging your stuff, too.

5.Moisture-absorber. If the smell is related to humidity or moisture, buy a couple containers of moisture absorbing crystals to place in the unit, on the floor, to soak up the dampness and provide a fresh scent. These are frequently found at discount and dollar stores for closets, basements, and other damp areas of the home.

6.Cat litter. Leave containers of scented cat litter around the unit. Cat litter has strong odor-fighting components, and scented varieties will also cover-up whatever is smelling foul. It tends to absorb moisture so if the odor is related to trapped-moisture or mildew, cat litter can help.

7.Scented wax. Fill a few dishes with your favorite wax melts, exposed to the air. These usually have a very strong scent which can disguise the odor in your unit, but make sure they are contained in case the heat of the unit causes them to melt.

Try these tips to give your self-storage facility a fresh scent. Talk with storage site managers when the scent is overpowering or a sign of something seriously amiss at the location. There could be an underlying issue that warrants attention from management.