Packing Supplies Needed To Prepare Your Things For Storage

If you're moving household belongings into a self-storage unit, it's a good idea to buy packing supplies so you can pack up your belongings the same way you would for a move. Properly packed belongings are protected from bugs and dampness, so they come out of storage in the same shape they went in. Here are some important packing supplies and how to use them.

Standard Boxes

Buy several boxes with the same dimensions. This is important so the boxes will sit on top of each other without sliding off. The key is to make sure the tops of the boxes are flat. If a box isn't full all the way, stuff packing paper inside so the top flaps have something to rest against and won't cave in.

Don't overfill the boxes or the tops will have humps. The tops have to be flat for stacking. Also, rather than fold the flaps in on each other to close the box, just keep the flaps flat and tape them shut. Taping also keeps bugs and spiders out of the boxes.

Specialty Boxes

Depending on the types of things you're putting into storage, you might also need specialty boxes. There are a few types to think about buying. You can buy mattress boxes to protect your mattresses and other large, flat things. If you use mattress boxes, put pallets on the floor before laying the mattress boxes down. Pallets keep the bottom of the cardboard boxes from getting damp.

You can also get a wardrobe box that allows you to store clothing on hangers, boxes with cells for separating glasses, and small boxes for books. You may not need all of these special boxes, but if you do, you'll find the boxes do a good job of protecting your things when you pack them correctly.

Tape, Paper, And Bubble Wrap

Tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and air pillows protect your belongings. Packing tape keeps all of the boxes sealed so dust and bugs stay out of the box. You'll want to write the contents of the box on the outside so you don't have to open boxes randomly when you're searching for something.

Packing paper protects fragile things just like bubble wrap and air pillows do. You may need paper to separate plates, fill glasses, or top off a box. Bubble wrap and air pillows keep fragile things from scraping or bumping into each other as boxes are carried or transported in your car.

It may seem like a lot of effort to pack properly when you put things in storage, but the effort is worth it. You might even find packing supplies for sale at the storage facility for your convenience.