Keep Your Crafting Supplies In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you need to give up your craft room because of a new addition to the family or for some other reason, you may wonder where you'll keep your supplies and how you can keep them organized. A good solution is a climate-controlled storage unit. You can buy a unit as large as you need, but a small one that's the size of a large closet might be enough. Here's why you'll want a climate-controlled unit. 

Fabrics Can Get Musty In High Humidity

If you do a lot of sewing, you may have a variety of fabric remnants left over that you save for crafting supplies. It's important to store all kinds of fabrics safely, especially faux fur, fragile fabrics, and leather. Otherwise, they can get mildew growth or be damaged by temperature swings and changes in humidity. For instance, leather might crack if it's not in a climate-controlled environment.

Machines And Tools Might Rust

If you plan to put a sewing machine in storage, it's a good idea to get a climate-controlled storage unit to protect the machine's metal parts from rust that might develop due to high humidity. Other crafting tools made of metal or that have metal parts will fare better in climate control, and since some crafting equipment is expensive, you'll want to make sure everything is protected from temperature and humidity extremes.

Wood Can Swell, Contract, And Warp

If you keep a supply of wood around for woodworking or building things like dollhouse furniture, you may want to keep the wood supplies and things like adhesives in a protected storage unit. Wood will expand and contract with environmental changes, and that can lead to warping or cracking. Maintaining a consistent humidity level and temperature range ensures your woodworking supplies will be in a safe environment.

Art Supplies Can Dry Out Or Get Moldy

Oil paint can last for many years if stored properly. Other art materials can last a long time too if they're kept in a controlled climate. Some supplies can mold easily, so they need humidity control. Other paint can dry out fast in a dry environment. In addition to keeping art supplies in climate-controlled storage, it's also important to store them in airtight containers.

No matter what type of crafting supplies you store, it's a good idea to be highly organized so you can stop in and get what you need to work on a project at home without having to sort through every box to find what you want. Make it easy to find the paint or fabric you're looking for, and your storage unit will be more helpful and less frustrating to use.

Contact a local climate-controlled storage service to learn more.