Four Unique Ways To Use A Carport On Your Property

A carport can make a versatile addition to your property. Depending on where you place it and how you use it, you can create a stunning addition to your home or yard. Here are some options to consider as you start looking at carports for sale:

Patio Cover

You don't have to use your carport for your car at all. In fact, if you connect a carport to the patio side of your home, you can create a structure that shields you and your guests from the sun and rain. To make this idea work, have your contractor install the carport so it is centered over the patio door. It can be situated so the long side sits flush against your home or so it juts out into the yard. Consider adding a concrete slab or pavers to create the floor for your new patio structure.

Outdoor Storage

When it comes to outdoor storage space, you may have a mixture of needs. For example, you may want both a tool shed and a place to park your car. Look for a gable A-frame carport constructed from wood to make your outdoor storage space beautiful, and select a design that has a built-in shed. This gives you the versatile storage options you need without having to invest in a carport and a separate shed. Your carport's shed should have a pedestrian door with a secure lock so you can keep tools and other valuable items secure.

Backyard Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb and want to garden all year round, consider using a carport as your very own greenhouse. For this option, you'll need a simple A-frame carport. Have your contractor remove the existing roof and install clear corrugated roofing to allow light to come through. Create the walls with plastic vinyl sheeting, which you can find at a local garden supply store. You can create a frame to support the sheeting out of wood, or you can have a contractor build the framing for you. Once the structure has been modified, you are ready to begin planting.

Chicken Sanctuary

Keeping chickens is a great way to have access to a sustainable egg source, and it can also be quite a bit of fun. You can use your carport to house your chicken coops and provide the birds with a small sanctuary on your property. For this project, you won't want to add a concrete floor to the carport area. Leave the earth bare so the chickens have a more natural habitat. Surround the carport with chicken wire to keep the birds herded inside as needed for safety, and work with your contractor to install a doorway or gate you can secure at night.

A carport can have a variety of fun and convenient uses. Dare to be creative, and envision different ways you can put an A-frame carport to work on your property. Contact a company that has gable a frame horizontal carports for more information and assistance.