7 Fun And Creative Ways To Use Your Storage Unit

Most people think of storage units as a place to keep items when moving or downsizing, or when getting your home staged to sell. But they actually have so many other uses that you may not be aware of. Whether you're looking to start a new hobby or you need a place to jam with your buddies, here are seven unique but useful ways to occupy a storage unit.

Office Space

If you have a small apartment or your living arrangements don't allow you to get much work done at home, you may have considered renting space at an office park. But this can rack up the expenses pretty quickly.

What if you just need a quiet corner to pay your bills, write that novel, or tackle the books for the small business you run from home? A self-storage unit can be the affordable, quiet space you need.  

Inventory Storage

A lot of small businesses struggle with finding a good place to keep their inventory, particularly as their business grows and expands. Have you found yourself wishing you could keep your items somewhere other than a closet, the breakroom, or in the corner of the staff bathroom?

If so, consider renting a small storage unit to store those surplus items in. It isn't nearly as costly as upgrading to a larger space. Plus, you can typically get shorter leases with a storage unit than a commercial space. This is a great solution for those just starting out and established businesses that want to expand.

Household Item Storage During Renovations

So, you've decided to make those major improvements to your home. The only problem is you have no idea what you're going to do with all your valuables while the contractors work on your kitchen or bedroom.

Temporary self-storage is the ideal solution in these situations. You don't have to worry about piling things in the guest room or on top of furniture you use every day. And most facilities will allow you to rent on a month-to-month basis if you're not sure how long your project will take.

Special Gift Hideaway

If you're renting a storage unit already, it may not have crossed your mind that the space can double as a good hideout for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and anniversary surprises. This is particularly good for those who have small children with prying eyes or spouses and partners with uncontrollable urges to snoop.

Hobby or Work Space

Do you have a secret interest in a hobby you've always wanted to pursue? Or maybe you need a better place to work on your side gigs. Investing in a storage unit can be the perfect way to start your dreams or continue your projects with ease.

A lot of artists—whether they live in big cities or small towns—make use of storage facilities for painting and sculpting, sanding and refinishing furniture, jewelry making, knitting or sewing, framing artwork and pictures, and woodworking, among other hobbies.

Workout Area

If you lack the space to work out at home, and you loathe the thought of joining a gym and having an audience while you work up a sweat, why not do those crunches in a storage unit where you have ample space and privacy?

Bring your yoga mat, exercise ball, dumbbells, stationary bike, home gym, and anything else that doesn't need to be plugged in, and work out to your heart's content. Don't forget those portable Bluetooth speakers so you can stay motivated with your favorite tunes.

Band Practice

This solution may not be available in your neck of the woods, but if you're lucky enough to live in a city that offers storage-unit band rehearsal, you may want to jump on it.

That's what's happening in Pittsburgh, PA, and while they do have rules that tenants must follow, it's been a great way for band members—many of whom have made it big—to continue their practice without alienating family members. And it just may be worth looking into for you.