Putting A Mattress Into Storage? 3 Tips To Follow

Are you downsizing your home and losing a bedroom? If so, you may be looking to put that extra mattress into storage until you finally need it again. Storing a mattress isn't as easy as you think may be, since some care needs to go into how the mattress is stored so it is in perfect condition when it eventually comes out. Here are 3 tips to follow. Use a Breathable Fabric to Cover the Mattress

3 Common Misconceptions About Storage Unit Auctions

With the popularity of shows like Storage Wars on the rise, there are more and more people interested in buying abandoned self storage units at auction. While storage unit auctions are a common way for the owners of these businesses to liquidate the items that are left behind and regain some of their monies owed, real life storage auctions are not always exactly as what is depicted in the media or on television.

Five Boat Storage Options

When it comes to storing your boat, you have several options. The one you choose depends on several factors, including your location, the reason for storing, and your budget. The following guide can help you choose the best storage option for you: #1: Outside home storage This is the most budget-friendly option for boat owners that have the outdoor space and no constraints, such as from an HOA, on using it.

Everything You Need To Know When You Are Thinking About Placing A Vehicle In A Self Storage Facility

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to store a car in at a self storage facility. You may be looking to store a classic or vintage car that you rarely drive and don't have garage space to park at home. You may be going on an extended vacation and may be looking to store your car. Or you may not have covered parking and may be looking to protect an extra vehicle against icy or snowy winter conditions.

Four Unique Ways To Use A Carport On Your Property

A carport can make a versatile addition to your property. Depending on where you place it and how you use it, you can create a stunning addition to your home or yard. Here are some options to consider as you start looking at carports for sale: Patio Cover You don't have to use your carport for your car at all. In fact, if you connect a carport to the patio side of your home, you can create a structure that shields you and your guests from the sun and rain.