Should You Rent A Portable Trailer, Or A Portable Container?

Adding a portable trailer or container to your worksite for office or storage reasons is very helpful, but the type of structure you choose will affect your comfort. Even if you're using it for storage only, you and others will still have to go into the structure, so you want something that is accessible and bearable even in hot or cold weather. Portable shipping containers seem like they'd be best for storage at first, but it really depends on factors other than the original use.

Both Are Stable, but One Is on Wheels

Both shipping containers converted into mobile units and single-wide trailers are stable, sturdy structures. However, single-wide trailers, the type of trailer you've seen on construction sites for years, are usually on wheels. You have to climb up a few steps to get to the door, and the trailer has stacks of cinderblocks or other materials under each corner. Those stacks stabilize the trailer so that it doesn't bounce when people walk, but you can still get a lot of vibration throughout the trailer as the area underneath is essentially hollow. Some may not care about that while others might find it bothersome.

Shipping containers, though, sit directly on the ground. Not only are there no steps and less need for a ramp other than a shallow one to get over the threshold (if you're using a wheelchair), but there isn't as big of a chance of vibration traveling throughout the container.

Shipping Container Structures May Be Stronger, but It Depends

If the unit is needed in an area where the weather can be harsh, the shipping container might be better than the trailer, except if the area it will be in is very low-lying and prone to minor pooling and flooding during rain. Then you'd want a trailer that was on wheels and blocks, up out of the soggy ground. The trailers can handle the weather, too, of course, but for very harsh environments like very windy worksites with lots of sand and grit blowing past the structure, the metal trailer may be a little more durable.

Both Are Available in Different Sizes

Size isn't that much of a determinant when deciding which type of structure to rent. Both the converted shipping containers and the single-wide trailers come in different sizes, and both can be delivered and picked up by the rental company. Note that the stairs that go with a single-wide trailer may or may not be included in the rental price, so ask specifically about the stairs if you decide to rent a trailer.

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