4 Ways To Organize Bulk Goods In Your Self-Storage Unit

Shopping at your local warehouse club can be a great way to stock up on staples and get good deals on items your family uses every day. However, finding space in your home to keep your bulk goods can be a challenge. A self-storage unit can make an excellent spare pantry for these items. Keeping all of your bulk goods organized within the storage unit can make it easier for you to find the items you need to restock your home. Here are a few ways to store bulk goods in your self-storage unit.

1. Canned Food Storage Shelf Systems

Organizing canned goods is easy if you invest in a canned food shelving unit. These units feature specially designed racks that essentially dispense cans one at a time. Each individual section can be used to store a single type of food, so you can organize an assortment of canned soups, vegetables, broths, and even pet food. These systems can be found in freestanding designs, which are perfect for use in self-storage units. You can even find individual shelves in a number of sizes, so you can easily store smaller cans of tuna, chicken, or cat food.

2. Chest Freezers

If your self-storage unit has electrical outlet access, consider purchasing at least one large chest freezer. This freezer can be used to store everything from meats to frozen desserts. If possible, purchase a freezer with built-in Wi-Fi access and set up a hot spot in your storage unit. With this setup, your freezer can send an alert to your smartphone indicating an increase in temperature. By knowing when the freezer temperature has gone up, you can make a determination about the safety of any frozen foods you have stored inside.

3. Oversized Wire Baskets

Oversized wire baskets can be used to sort and store a wide variety of items. Use them to arrange paper towels, bath tissue, facial tissue, or napkins, and put them to work holding boxes of snacks or dry goods. Choose baskets that are elevated off of the floor to help keep pests away, and line the bottoms of the baskets with heavy-duty cardboard to create a stable base for storing your items.

4. Metal Shelving Units

Of course, metal shelving units offer a versatile addition to your storage unit. They can easily hold large boxes of items, and the individual shelves can be used to organize smaller items as well. Be sure to load heavy items on the bottom and reserve upper shelves for lighter goods to help ensure safety.

If you are using your storage unit to stash pantry food items, consider adding ant traps to each corner of the space and under shelving units. Inspect the unit regularly to ensure your freezer is working properly and to tackle any potential pest problems before they get out of hand. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit to make sure your foods are stored at a safe temperature all year long.

For more information, contact your local self-storage services.