Stock Up On Essentials Before Renting A Storage Unit And Filling It Up

Whether you are moving, decluttering, or selling your home, you may decide that you need to rent a storage unit. While the process of renting one is simple and straightforward, you may not have much experience with transferring lots of items from your home to a storage unit. If you are going to handle this task in a single day, you should pick up several essentials beforehand.

Bottled Water

An important thing to have with you for the entire process is bottled water. While you are packing items into boxes or disassembling furniture, you should drink water regularly. If you end up renting on a sunny day and you have to work outside or in the garage, you will need extra water to reintroduce fluids into your system because you will sweat more than when you are inside.

When you go to the storage unit, you should have several water bottles in the vehicle. You will want to take frequent breaks to sip on water while transferring items to the storage unit. If you do not mind investing a bit more money into the process, you can buy an insulated, reusable water bottle that you can put ice into before leaving home to keep water cold for a long time.


If your job does not require you to spend a lot of time outside, you may not be used to wearing sunscreen because you may drive to your destination and then head inside a building. If you are renting a storage unit, you will be spending a considerable amount of time outside. This is especially true if the unit is outside because every transfer will be handled in the sun.

Even when the storage unit is indoors, you will still need to go outside to the car or truck. You can further protect yourself by wearing a hat, long-sleeve shirt, and pants.

Knee Pads

Renting a storage unit is like moving in that you will use the same motions for moving furniture or boxes. This means you will kneel to pick up boxes and again for putting them down. You should get knee pads because this will prevent you from having to be extra careful while kneeling. If you are working on concrete flooring, you can bruise your knees easily with too much force.

Gathering these items before renting a storage unit will help you have a painless experience.