3 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit

It's never a bad time to go through your things and decide to declutter your home. Especially if you live in a studio or apartment, your space can start to feel cramped when you share it with a lot of stuff. While it's possible to get rid of things you no longer use, you may want to hang onto most of your belongings; perhaps you'll use them again in the future, or you have sentimental attachment to certain items. If you want to keep your things but get them out of your house, self storage is a great option. Here are three tips to help you make the most out of your new storage unit:

1. Clearly label boxes.

When you're packing things up to take to your storage unit, you'll probably end up putting your things in boxes. This is a great idea in theory, but in practice it can be hard to remember what you put in each box. Solve this problem by clearly labeling each box with a marker. Try to group similar items into the same box so you have one box for Christmas decorations, another box for winter clothes, etc. Clear boxes are another great option, since they allow you to see the contents of each box at a glance.

2. Keep everything organized.

Make sure you can find everything quickly by organizing your storage unit. Don't pile everything without purpose. Instead, create rows to make it easy to access all your things. It's a good idea to store bulky items in the back so they won't get in the way. If you're storing a lot of items, leave a walkway so you can reach everything without stepping on important belongings.

3. Wrap any artwork or paper goods securely.

A storage unit can be an excellent place to store art and other documents that won't fit in your apartment. If you decide to store these things, make sure to prepare them first. Paintings should be wrapped in plastic which is securely sealed with tape. Important documents can go in a plastic case or another durable casing. Self storage units are secure from the elements, but your belongings could get wet in the unlikely event that fire sprinklers go off, so it's best to err on the safe side.

Self storage is an affordable way to make room in your house without giving up any of the things you value. Contact your local self storage company to get a quote on storage unit rental prices.