Preparing For A Deep Spring Cleaning: Three Helpful Planning Tips

When it comes to doing a deep spring cleaning project, planning is key. Here are a few tips you can use to prepare for this task so it goes a bit more smoothly.

Stage Space In Storage

If you already have a storage unit, take some time to clear rooms for new items. This will make it easier to declutter and send items to your storage unit. If you don't already have a storage unit, consider renting one before your project is due to start. You can use the space as a staging area for supplies so you don't have extra cleaning products and storage bins adding even more clutter to your home.

Visit A Home Improvement Store

Your local home improvement store can provide all the items you need to clean, repair, and make your home feel new and fresh again. Visit the cleaning supply aisle and look for products that can remove rust and hard water stains for the bathroom, wood cleaner for shelves and tables, and heavy-duty carpet and floor cleaners to handle scuffs and touch stains. Remember to stock up on sponges and scrub brushes as well. Purchase a stack of moving boxes you can use to pack items that will go into your storage unit, along with packing tape to seal the boxes. You can also look for paint to touch up walls, storage containers to organize closets, and even new hardware for cabinets to give them an updated look.

Make A Schedule

Deep cleaning takes more than a day, and the amount of work it takes to clean a whole home can seem overwhelming. Creating a cleaning schedule can help you stay on task while also dividing the work into smaller tasks. Schedule one room per day, and write out a list of tasks you wish to accomplish in each room; basic tasks that you'll want to complete in every room include washing walls and cleaning floors. Make sure to set aside enough time to clean out all of your closets, and schedule a day to transport items to your self-storage unit. Be sure to ask your storage facility if it offers truck rental or complementary access to moving trucks so you can take all of your boxes to the storage unit in one trip.

You may also want to extend your spring cleaning project to your storage unit. Consider sweeping floors and vacuuming corners to keep it clean and tidy, and reorganize boxes that might have been left messy on your last trip to the storage facility. With a clean home and clean storage unit, you can feel a bit more organized.