Putting A Mattress Into Storage? 3 Tips To Follow

Are you downsizing your home and losing a bedroom? If so, you may be looking to put that extra mattress into storage until you finally need it again. Storing a mattress isn't as easy as you think may be, since some care needs to go into how the mattress is stored so it is in perfect condition when it eventually comes out. Here are 3 tips to follow.

Use a Breathable Fabric to Cover the Mattress

You may be tempted to buy a mattress bag so that the mattress is protected from damage while in storage. Unfortunately, that may not be the ideal way to protect it. A sealed bag can trap mildew and mold in the bag, which will then grow on the fabric. Since many storage units and containers are not climate controlled, it make it more likely that the mattress will have mold on it when you take it out of storage.

Instead, use a breathable fabric to cover the mattress. This will allow air to circulate over the fabric, which prevents mold growth. It also provides plenty of protection from dust so that the mattress stays clean.

Don't Prop the Mattress Sideways

You may be tempted to put a mattress on its side to save some space in storage. The problem with this is that gravity can cause the springs to shift to the side within the mattress, and it will be hard to fix the mattress and make it feel like it once did when you lay on it.

You should always store a mattress in its natural position, which means laying it down flat. Ideally, the mattress should be set on the frame so that it is not laying on the ground and trapping moisture beneath the mattress.

If you have no other option than to store a mattress on its side, make sure that you rotate the mattress occasionally. This will help prevent the springs from shifting in any specific direction and minimize the damage that could be caused.

Don't Rest Items on the Mattress

While the mattress does take up a lot of room in a horizontal position, resting heavy items on the mattress can also cause damage. You may find that the mattress is permanently indented one you take it out of storage.

Storing a mattress the proper way may take up more room, but it will ensure that the mattress is in great shape when you're ready to use it again.

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